We got Parker, our Blue Nose Pit Bull, from the Agoura Hills Care Center in Los Angeles, California. We had gone with a friend to the rescue because he was interested in adopting a different dog.

During our visit, without the intention of adopting at the time, we walked through the hall of dogs waiting to be rescued. There at the very end of the row was this small Pit Bull which the Shelter had named Ralphie. Ralphie (who we named Parker) was alone in his cage, with a number of scratches across his face - it looked like he had already had a rough time at his young age.

After sitting and interacting with him a while, I couldn't leave his side. I called my family. We decided that if we were to adopt this breed, then we had a responsibility to do right by him and the community by showing the public the sweet, loyal, and gentle nature Pit Bulls can have. Through conscious training and nurture, Parker has become a role model companion and we could not be happier.

There were a number of pleasant surprises owning this breed- their eye focus, their desire to snuggle - they are so in tune with their family. Even though they can weigh over 100lbs they are lap dogs at heart, and prefer the spot next to you on the couch, AND the spot next to you on the bed.

Our family has fallen in love this breed and we hope to spread positivity about Pit Bulls to more people looking to adopt.

Thank you, Parker.

Max, founder of Hounds of Fortune