We had to finally say goodbye to our 15yr old lab mix, Lucky, another rescue from the Agoura Hills Care Center in Southern California. Our young Blue Nose Pit Bull, Parker, loved him so much.

After Lucky passed away, Parker was sad - he moped around wishing for his playmate and “big brother.” We realized we had to find Parker a new buddy – and what better choice than another Pit Bull.

First of all, getting a younger dog would be an easier new addition to the household, currently dominated by our 13yr old girl, Porsche, a white short-haired Jack Russell. While Parker wanted to “play” with Porsche, she wasn’t nearly the companion that Lucky was.

Another reason to choose a puppy would be the opportunity for us to train them properly.

So began the search for our next Pit Bull. We researched and learned that when introducing a new dog to a home where there is a small dog, it’s best to introduce a large breed/power dog while it’s still a puppy so the older, small dog remains the boss, dominant/alpha dog.

We searched the internet, found a few options and ended up finding a litter of Pit Bulls from a dog who had been rescued from abusive owners in Tijuana, Mexico by the star of the TV show, Pit Boss. Pit Boss is well-known for his challenging rescues and the great lengths they go to in order to rescue these pits from bad situations.

The mom had been chained up and neglected outside while she was pregnant. She was rescued and brought to North Hollywood, CA to the rescue/pet shop Bird House Dog House, who cared for the mom and her six pups.

We watched the pups and ultimately chose the playful and energetic puppy who would be a great playmate for Parker. We named her Riley.

The people who run Bird House Dog House put us through a rigorous vetting process, and after passing the test, they set up the spay schedule and vaccinations to ensure Riley's health and wellness.

Riley was now on her way to a new home where we could hardly wait to introduce her to Porsche and Parker. And she turned out to be the perfect new addition.

She is extremely smart, full of boundless energy, loving and the ideal playmate and wrestling partner for Parker.

The unexpected gift from Riley. Being a verbal dog, using multiple chuffs, growls and barks to chat, we had to learn her language. Now, we simply look at each other and we know what’s needed.

Riley also became Porsche’s voice and protector. If our aging Jack needed to be picked up, helped, or let out, Riley lets us know right away.

And if I’m on my laptop for too long, she shows her displeasure by simply closing it with her paw, and chats me up.

We love having you, Riley.

Max, founder of Hounds of Fortune